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Between Trains

I ain't no cowboy

I just look like one

And i ain't no prisoner

But i'm on the run from these chains

And i'm just between trains

I ain't no loner

I just work alone

There ain't no place

Where there's a home i could claim

And i'm still between trains

Still between trains


I've got to let it roll

I've got to let it ride

I can never show

What's really going on inside

If i'm too young to learn

Or too old to change

I guess i'll always be

Between trains

I ain't no soldier

But i've been to war

I done some killin'

All i kill anymore are these pains

And i'm just between trains

Just passin' through

Never stayed this long in one place

So when i'm gone just lay my remains

Somewhere between trains

Somewhere between trains


The Band

Between Trains / The Band

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