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Алекс Бэнд Алекс БэндМузыкант, известный участник группы «The Calling».

Key To The Highway


I've got the key to the highway,

Packed up and bound to go.

I'm gonna leave here running,

Cause walking is most too slow.

I'm going back down to the border

Where i must fairly go(?)

Cause you ain't done nothing but

Drive a good man away from home.

So give me one more, one more kiss, baby

Just before i go

I'll be back out on the highway,

That's the only place i know.

And when the moon creeps over my room, honey,

I'll be on my way.

I'm gonna roam this old highway

Until the break of day.


Well, its so long, so long, baby.

I must say goodbye.

I gotta roam, roam this highway

Until the day i die.

Алекс Бэнд

Key To The Highway / Алекс Бэнд

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