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Алекс Бэнд Алекс БэндМузыкант, известный участник группы «The Calling».

The Moon Struck One

Julie and little John Tyler lived in the house next door

G-7 D-7 |G-7 D-7 |E-7b5 |Eb-j7 |

We would be the great triangle and to this we swore

D- |Ebj7 |Bb D-A |G- |

Julie was my sweetheart, little John was my cohort

C Bb |A G |F |F |

And all the wild horses in the world couldn't keep us apart

Gb |Gb |Bb Ebadd2 |Bb Ebadd2

Once we went for a swim in the noonday sun

|Gb |Gb |Bb Ebadd2 |Bb Ebadd2 |

And promised to return before the moon struck one

Bb Ebadd2 |Bb Ebadd2 ||Gb |Gb |Eb-7 |Eb-7 ||

Julie came running through the pasture--she was screaming at the sky

She fell down to her knees and the tears did fly

Little John was stung by a snake over by the lake

And it looked like he s really, really hurt--he was lying in the dirt

Who, we went it as fast as we could run

|Bb Ebadd2 |Bb Ebadd2 |

But we lost little John as the moon struck one

Bb Ebadd2 |Bb Ebadd2 ||Gb |Gb |Eb-7 |Eb-7

I was vacant, Julie was a bird with a broken wing

We were always afraid of what tomorrow might bring

We'll drive down to Durango--up and leave this place

And maybe forget the triangle with a change of pace

The car broke down when we had just begun

|Bb Ebadd2 |

And we walked back to the house while the moon struck one

Bb Ebadd2 |[7X] then G-7

Алекс Бэнд

The Moon Struck One / Алекс Бэнд

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