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Алекс Бэнд Алекс БэндМузыкант, известный участник группы «The Calling».

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, everything I thought of

Somehow seemed to rhyme

The wise were always old

And the young were always showed

But very early on, I was spun a different hand

Tried to get along, just by knowin right from wrong

The best offer is a helping hand

Everyone needs the promised land

And whether you're young or old

Never ever let yourself get put on hold

I would sit on grandps's knee..just to wear his hat

And listen to the tales

From his world of make believe..

As the child comes of age, leave him alone

To turn the page

Luck is the spine..a broken promise of another's mind

Straight goods really are what money cannot buy

Choose your side, and walk with pride

There's no reward for suicide...

Алекс Бэнд

Once Upon A Time / Алекс Бэнд

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