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Алекс Бэнд Алекс БэндМузыкант, известный участник группы «The Calling».

Ferdinand The Imposter

A ad a ad a


A bm e d

Ferdinand standing in the tower thinkin how to get the power

Empress knows that it would cost her

For ferdinand the imposter

Came to me to make a deal,

Dressed like general butterfield.

A bm d e

Couldnt wait to thank him for the stuffed birds and rubber door

A g d

Donated to him from the poor

D a

But its just his game

D a

And he carries no shame

A g d

Still, he done nobody wrong

D a

He knew he didn't belong

D a

But he went along


Алекс Бэнд

Ferdinand The Imposter / Алекс Бэнд

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