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Алекс Бэнд Алекс БэндМузыкант, известный участник группы «The Calling».

Orange Juice Blues

D7 G7 C7

I had a hard time waking this morning

G7 D7

I got a lotta things on my mind


Like those friends of yours


They keep bringing me down

Bb7 D7

Just hangin' round all the time

I've had a hard time waking most mornings

And it's been that way for a month or more

You've had things your way

But now I've got to say

I'm on my way out the door


(NC) D7

Why don't you get right, try to get right, baby

C7 Bb7 A7

You haven't been right with me, why don't you get right?


Try and get right, baby, don't you remember how it used to be?

(Solos like verses (2), repeat chorus)

You had a hard time waking this morning

And I can see it in your empty eyes

But there's no need for talking

Or walking round the block

Just to figure out the reason why

I have a hard time handing out warnings

I'll just slide on out the door

Cuz I'm tired of everything

Being beautiful, beautiful

And I ain't coming back no more

(Repeat chorus, solos like verses (2), chorus fade...)

Алекс Бэнд

Orange Juice Blues / Алекс Бэнд

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