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Once in a Lifetime

And even when the sky was darkest grey

I never gave up searching

For someone to take my loneliness away

And wash away my hurting

(bridge 1)

And then you turned my fantasy

Into reality

You turned my night-time into day


Once in a lifetime comes a lover

All you're looking for

Maybe I've found my perfect lover

I've waited so long for someone like you

And even though the world can be so cold

I never gave up hoping

I'm waiting for the story to unfold

And there's no way of knowing

(bridge 2)

That the love you're looking for

Won't come too easily

Or maybe you're too blind to see


I've waited so long

I've waited so long for someone like you

(bridge 2)

(chorus ad lib)

publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Bros Music Ltd All Boys Music 1987


Once in a Lifetime / BananaRama

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