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What a Shambles

You think its all so easy

When you got your name in lights

Money comes in bag fulls

And you spend it every night

It's a happy holiday

When you fly from place to place

Up at six each morning

Slapping make up on your face...

(chorus x 2)

I wish you were in our shoes

I wish you could be us

Washing all your laundry

And riding on the bus

Everybody loves you

Speaks to you at noon

Never knowing you made them

Thinking they made you

Double trouble everywhere

Not a drop to drink

Rehearshing conversations

I haven't slept a wink...

(chorus x 2)

What a shambles of a meeting

Don't know what to say

What a shambles of a bus ride

What a shambles of a day...

(chorus ad lib)

publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Bros Music Ltd 1983


What a Shambles / BananaRama

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