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Every Shade of Blue

I have the saddest feeling

Deep inside

Don't think that I will hear

From you tonight

(bridge 1)

Now the moon lights up

I know the stars will shine

But I can't escape

The way I feel inside


Every shade of blue I see

When you're away from me

Thinking about you Oh Oh

Thinking about you

Every shade of blue I cry

'Til the colours all run dry

When I'm without you Oh Oh

When I'm without you

Alone in the darkness

I can dream of you

But always the daylight

Comes around too soon

(bridge 2)

And the night goes on

Feels like it never ends

I keep holding on

'Til you come back again


(bridge 2)

(chorus ad lib)

publishing : In A Bunch Ltd-Warner Chappell Copyright Control Rive Droite 1995


Every Shade of Blue / BananaRama

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