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My lover, my angel

Each time you layed with me

Falling from your lips

With each kiss

You're betraying me

Don't tell me you made me

You played me for a fool

Lies come tumbling down now

Like a waterfall

Over me

Like a heaven without the stars, yeah

I don't know why you broke my heart


Just send me to sleep

I just wanna dream

Don't wanna believe

This is happening to me

Just send me to sleep

For eternity


'Cause I don't wanna be here alone


So silent, so sweetly

You played your game with me

Slowly suffocating

Love was fading

I couldn't breathe



No words are left to speak

Crossed unholy water

You can't alter

Your fate, yeah

Summer kisses fade away, yeah

I'm left standing in the rain


(chorus x 2)

publishing : Copyright Control 2001


Sleep / BananaRama

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