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Outta Sight

Good morning happy dreamer

And tell me how are you

Feet on the ground

Just called to say

'I'm in the mood'

(bridge 1)

My car's parked out on the driveway

Are you free this afternoon

'Cos it's in need of attention

So I'll drop by would that be cool


The way that you do

What you want me to do

Makes me feel alright

The way that you drum me

The way that you bass me

It's outta sight

Outta sight

Outta sight

I don't believe in wasting

My time, so I'll move fast

This dream machine

Was built to last

(bridge 2)

So cruise on down my main street

'Cos I got nothing to hide

And polish up your engine

We're heading for overdrive


(bridge 1)


publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Chappell Music EG Music Big Life Music 1991


Outta Sight / BananaRama

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