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Girl of glamour

Scarlett never cries

She shakes her head and sighs

At all life's little mysteries

And where she fits in all of these

Her friends all ask her why

She lets the days go by

They say that Scarlett should be sinking

But they don't know just what she's thinking


She's got no money but come tomorrow

What she ain't got you know she'll borrow

Life's a game and games are for playing

So listen now to what she's saying


This is Scarlett speaking

This is my ambition

I wanna have fun while I'm still young

So you'd better listen

Captain Scarlett speaking

On a secret mission

I aim for thrills and I shoot to kill

Got no competition

Clock says half past ten

She paints her face again

The night is young and Scarlett's willing

She's heading out, she's got that feeling





Scarlett never cries


publishing : In A Bunch Ltd Warner Bros Music Ltd EMI Music Publishings Ltd 1986


Scarlett / BananaRama

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