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Hot Line to Heaven

(verse one)

Hey young london you're looking good

Dressing up like you know you should

Hey young london you're the brightest star

So you ride about

Got to get that far

(bridge one)

Well I've read your face

And seen your place

And you'll let me in

If I share your tastes

You know the night spots

If you wanna stay hip

Have you found a parry

Won't you have a good trip


We dont care

You know that we dont care

We dont care

D'you know we were flares..

(verse two)

Hey young london you're looking good

The lights are less

Well that's understood

Hey young london take your time and go

The girls are young but they act so old

(bridge two)

You're headin' for the same pub each night

Girls in the corner boys looking for a fight

Even he might rock each others self control

When you get engaged

You know you've reched your goal


(verse three)

Hey young london you're looking good

You got the money you can choose your moods

Hey young london you're a bright young thing

Your private houses are a public thing

(bridge three)

She's so afraid she sees a dead still light

Her dress is see through and his pants on tight

With his girl at his side

He doesn't need his breaks

And a smile on his face

For all the risks he takes


(verse one)

(verse two)

Hey young london you're looking good...


Hot Line to Heaven / BananaRama

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