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I Found Love [*]

Had this feeling lately

I just can't get you off my mind

When I see you, you make me

Make me lose all sense of time

When you hold me baby

You turn my world upside down yeah

When you touch me oh baby

My feet don't even touch the ground


I found love yeah

I've got a lover who gives me more

The kind of love I've never found before

'Cause I need no other when you're around

'Cause the love I've found takes me higher

I was thinking maybe

Am I going much too fast

But something tells me oh baby

I've got a love that's gonna last

When you're with me, it's easy

You make me feel so good inside

I can love you completely

This time I know I've got it right


(chorus x 3)

publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd Antinos Music-Prime Direction 1995


I Found Love [*] / BananaRama

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