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Nothing Lasts Forever


Nothing, nothing lasts forever

Even though it makes you wanna cry

Ain't nothing you can do to keep it all together

Nothing lasts forever, nothing lasts forever

Nothing, nothing lasts forever

Broken hearts, broken dreams

When you have it all it seems to end in tears

People change, just to play

Nothing ever stays the same through the years

And you try, and you try but you don't know why

It's just a matter of time


Hearts can break, hearts can mend

Nothing to the rainbow but make believe

Lonely nights, ??? days

Only seem to be with you ??? good ways

But you know and you mind, if you look you'll find

It's just a matter of time



publishing : In A Bunch Music Ltd - Warner Bros Music Ltd All Boys Music 1989


Nothing Lasts Forever / BananaRama

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