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So you think life should be gay

But You're wasting your times away

Now you see me standing here and I say I'm down

So you think it would be easy to play

Have a little warm-up hear me today

Drop your sorrow down into a deep frying pan.

Fry'em down.


Put away your make-up

Then you'll see we fake it all up.

I know all your stories

Never did they bore me more

Beauty of a million years may die

So I think that all my thinking's enough

Thanksgiving Yeah giving away presents

presents freedom

And in a way I feel great 'cause I give it

away but I'm still down.


Turning round your headsharks is making me sick

and I'm puking while I'm wandering around

in the feelds filled up and happy for relief

I'm turning and falling to the ground to the leafs

That smell I love is humid in the air and I'm feeling

the decay with a bitch in my chair with a whore in

my head with my lady in my heart I start disintegrating

for I'm loving and I'm hating laughing

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