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 Bal-Sagoth Bal-Sagothрок-группа

The Chronicle of Shadows

[The Imperator of the Night (Hearken to the Attestation of the Sinistrous):]

For it is the iniquity of man which compels him to these tenebrous gates,

seeking opiate dreams and the alluring embrace of oblivion...

Know that I have cavorted beneath the horned moon with repellent fiends, and

liberated virgins from the burden of their maidenhood.

(Supping deep of that sweet ichor and revelling in the sanguineous megrims my

ophidian tongue has wrought.)

Tyrannic I am where the Serpent dwells, the lissome embrace of the succubi,

Like a wolf in the fold, red of tooth and claw, enthroned beneath black


Shadows stalk the viscid gloom, (beware the) blades of the assassins,

The call of Ul-Yeh in the air, the crystal skull is shattered,

A veil of cloud about the moon, (fevered) dreams of (trenchant) steel and fire,

Hearken to the slithering, the envenomed kiss of night.

[The Imperator of the Night (Thus Spake the Chronicle of Shadows):]

Such adoration bestowed upon me beneath the cryptic moon!

Caressed by ululant lotus-stained tongues...

(Behold the true purity of that which lurks concealed beneath the mantle of

shadow, and let the deluded, debauched sybarites flee in terror from that

darkness which they profess to embrace!)

Beyond the spheres of light and darkness, beneath distant pallid stars, I bring

the iridescent glimmer of forbidden truth, seared in the crucible of blasphemy!

For amorphous they come, steeped in the fetor of ten thousand years,

Abhorrent colossi spawned from the sinistrous cosmic spheres.

And upon their tongues, vile secrets so terrible sweet madness is a redolent


[The Imperator of the Night (Revel in the Triumph of the Dark):]

I shall glut the maw of that ineffable nameless evil which lurks forever i


The Chronicle of Shadows / Bal-Sagoth

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