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Blood Slakes The Sand At The Circus Maximus

[Thoughts of an Iceni gladiator, awaiting the opening of the arena portcullis:]

[Memories of rebellion (Carnage at Camulodunum):]

[Iceni Messenger:] Hearken! The Ninth Legion has been put to the sword! The

war-Chief of Queen Boudicca: Onwards to Camulodunum... wet your swords!

Redden the earth with Roman blood!

I remember the carnage at Camulodunum...

The glorious clash of Celtic sword against Roman gladius,

The pride in the eyes of our war-queen

As we hacked down the Imperial Eagle,

And the severed heads of centurions gaping atop our spears.

[Bloodshed and Battle: 61 AD (C.E.)]

They had gone too far, these invaders from the east, with their imperial eagle

which they dared to drive into our sacred soil... pompously claiming our

island as their own. They who marched across the world expanding their empire

all for the greater glory of their succession of debauched emperors, reclining

upon their ivory thrones in the heart of sweltering Rome. Aye, they had gone

too far... After their brutal annexation of our sovereign Iceni lands and the

vile rape of our Queen Boudicca's royal daughters, the Romans had the sown the

fields of carnage and they would reap a grim harvest of slaughter, without

doubt! They had enraged the Red Queen, and by the gods, they would pay!

We certainly taught the arrogant invading dogs a lesson, at any rate. The

omens and portents spoke of vast bloodshed and great carnage, and after our

slaughterous victories at Camulodunum (the Temple of Claudius burned

wonderfully!), Londinium and Verulanium, the cursed Romans finally dared to

meet us honourably upon the field of war at Mandeussedum. They sent fifteen

thousand legionaires, their armour gleaming like gold in the sun... but it


Blood Slakes The Sand At The Circus Maximus / Bal-Sagoth

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