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Tale Of The Ballydowse

Open your ears and up a seat for the tale of the ballydowse.

just what they are might well be you when

the tell reaches your house

between way past plenty and a need no one should know

they were born and raised unsettled

within sight of high and low

equal blessings, hardhsips, toes, and

fingers, opened eyes returned and lingered

to the ones who got picked last

to the dancers never asked

to the darkened half of the heart of man

that leaves his brother trapped

underbred and under way we are leaping to

the fray throwing for the lovely underdogs

underbrush and underbelly flags flying

willy-nilly we'll undermine the greedy and the cruel.

come along all are welcome let

man's barriers be broken, from silver

spoons to empty pockets all

raise your glass and raise your voices ain't

against then be for us

no paradise we'll reap but we'll go down

plowing just the same

so you sat and heard the tell, if you're

leaving just as well

too many living on the fences as it is

but if your heart volunteers to the crying

and the cheers

let the dead bury the dead and come along

equal blessing, hardships, crying, and singing

you'll get back just like you're giving

to the ones who got picked last

to the dancers never asked

if you got ears then hear if you don't forget we asked

Tale Of The Ballydowse /

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