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Song For Elie

i see a fire in the distance mother

my love i see those rising flames

are those the sabbath candles glowing

no my love, but you will rest the same

i haven't seen you since the separation

i watched you pushed along by the crowd

on the train you swore we'd stick together

still i look for you even now

a million judenkinder, the dulling of the stars

barefoot across the crystal nacht but we

can't get thru the bars

where are you now does heaven pay the price

can the one who wipes your tears away

make faith from this ice

unbar the door for i must come in

the kingdom of memory, burrows of the night

i'm no survivor i was not yet born

but i'm drawn like a sacred rite

the past it belongs to you

frozen forever like that lone tattoo

silent before you i can be your tears

but i'm locked outside by six million years

your memories our shield, we will not forget

we will not forget...

schreibt und forschreibt for us

we will not forget

to our hearts we'll clutch each name

we will not forget

Song For Elie /

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