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Living in her bottle

Cant deny that shes inviting me

To come and watch her model

For the riots, the inciting has begun

Its on the wall I just cant see the writing

A thousand ships for her

Sometimes I think that its unlawful that I love her

And the things I cant express

Send me trying to discover

How to make you understand

That Im the one and theres no other

Well I know its time we took the chance

And I know its time to start this romance

Our love will be intense I know

So dont try to even tell me that I dont

Cause I know

That its time you start pretending and watch the show.

Oh girl now, you, you should go

Before your pretty world falls apart and youre alone

Now running from decisions

Never been my kind of game

I wont be, beaten by division

I have made my stand; Ill call your name

You are a vision

Its just not the same, no, a thousand ships for her

Loves the kind of thing youve got to take where you can find it

Girl, youve got all the excuses, but Im not here to be blinded

No I wont give up, I think its cause Im just too single minded

Well I know that I cant stop this fight

But I know that I can make it all right

Were gonna start tonight I know so

Dont try to even tell me that we wont

Oh Baby cause I, yes I, know

Your walls are tumbling down I told you so (yes I did)

You, oh you, you should show (you should show)

That you realize you dont have to be alone, oh no, oh no,

And I know, I know, yes I know

Hey there pretty girl standing in the fire waiting for the rain

Cant you see the coming clouds carry no promise for the end of your pain

I will take you, where the fire never can go.

And we will make it baby I know, yes I know, oh I knowcome on kick it

I-- I know

Its time

Helen /

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