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Walking On Top Of The World

You won't find me laughing,

I don't think I can cry

I'm mentally wasted and you're the reason why

You won't find me guilty,

You won't find me wrong

You won't find me home

Cos I'm already gone


Sleeping deeper

But I still wake up on the wrong side of the bed

Sleeping deeper I'm sleeping deeper

But it's way too soon I can't sleep in the middle yet,

When it's over it's over


I'm walking on top of the world

and dancing on the memories of the past

I'm walking on top of the world

The trouble with forever is forevers made to last

I'm suddenly flying, I'm finally sure

cos all that you left me is stronger



-Einstein overturned present reality by adding a fifth part, a fifth dimension.

The depth between good and evil, the greatest divide of all.



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