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Savage Tears

Slow down pour a glass

Of what gets you through the day

Send all your senses far away

Slow down I'll whisper words

You don't want to hear

It's too late

But it's now or never

How many times can one heart bleed

Spread your golden wings and fly

A subtlety change but change indeed

Brings me to the final lullaby

After savage tears

Can you take a breath when there's nothing left

After savage tears

When all the life is gone when it's really gone

So far satisfaction hides away from me

Maybe you're the remedy

Oh you are closer now to no return

One heart slows and one grows faster

Close your eyes and go to sleep

Send a flickering goodbye

Closing down your soul for keeps

Feeds a need and keeps me so alive

Let me ask you one more question

Even though you can't answer me

Was the euphoria so deep

Could you feel the savage silence

Why don't you answer me

You never answer me

Savage Tears /

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