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Heathen Machine

Find a way or make a way.

There's nothing sacred

Cut me off so amputate

What you created

Nothing here is made of stone

Where's it all gone wrong

Tear up the plastic corners

One by one now

Enter the kindred where have you been?

Welcome kindred come on in

Heaven stained is screaming lullabies around me

Catch my spirit freaking as it dies without me

Once inside there's nothing left

To activate your soul

The armoured hearts are melting

One by one now

Breath out so I can breath you in heathen machine

Heathen machine like no man can ever be

Now long before your walls fall in heathen machine

Without heart and soul

You're dead to the world

Stay heathen machine

I'm drawn towards the enemy

Leaning in in spite of me

Without a soul there's hollow hollow ground

Breaking up in front of me

Tearing the whole thing down.

Heathen Machine /

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