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Day Breaker

Come to the edge of reason embrace the sun in place of night

Come to your senses sometime never witness an understanding

Before the dawn surrenders light

Damn the dawn for turning my world red before too long my perfect night is over

Damn the dawn tomorrow is calling again before too long

Enter the realms of madness open the doors and close your eyes

Entertain thoughts of endless wonder call for the visionary

Call for the one who reads the skies

Damn the dawn it takes the deepest breath away before too long another night is over

Damn the dawn turn your world your own sweet way before too long

Day breaker are you the silent sinner day breaker so unpredictable

Day breaker live on and on forever day breaker give up your forgiven dawn

You are the breaker of my promises do you have something I can keep

You are the keeper of my yesterdays give me something that I need

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