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I?m a guy who?s interested in sexual affairs,

my dick?s my friend, we love big tits and pubic hair,

a beautiful black triangel between a woman?s legs

and tender hands to scratch my balls inside their bags,

I like to lick my tongue between a woman?s lips,

I like to rub my dick between gigantic tits,

I don?t waste my time by asking "voulez vous?",

I wanna be inside of you,

to blow away my sperm I really just know what to do

I wanna be inside of you...

I?m not only interested in vaginal sex,

your body has differend openings, not just between the legs,

a mouth, an anus, that means oral and anal,

I try everything, nothing is unable,

I ain?t no macho, I?m also no sexist,

It also happens that a woman can resist,

then I grab my dick and I know exactly what to do

and I think I?m inside of you,

I declare my love to you that is what i wanna do...

I wanna be inside of you


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