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Angel Of My Heart


What am I to do all by myself?

When will the hurting be through?

I didn't ever choose to feel this way

Look I'm so lost and afraid

But then you picked me up and pointed out the way

Shook away the hurt and the pain

Love is not a game people play

You've made me realize there's so much love in me


You are the angel of my heart

I knew it from the start

You took away the tears

And brightened up my heart

You know I never thought I'd love again

You are the angel of my heart


When I'm close to you, I can't explain

The sun shines bright everyday, oh baby

Can't believe it's true, I'm in a daze

It's something words can't explain

Because you picked me up and showed me there's a way

To wash away the hurt and the pain

You've made me realize that it's okay

I've kept so much inside, you've brought it out of me

[repeat refrain]


I know I'll never need no one else

Something I've never felt

And my heart's overwhelmed

I never thought I could feel this way

Now I see, you were meant for me

[repeat refrain till fade

Angel Of My Heart /

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