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Miss You

I was only happy when you drove me crazy

Everything about you made me feel so lazy

I never felt so good and yet I feel so bad

You were the strangest lover that I ever had

But now I miss you

Yes, I miss you now you're gone

You were always telling me just

What I should wear

I was always combing all the knots

>From your hair

You're like a fisherman

Your hook could pull me in

Put me in a fry pan couldn't wait

To burn my skin

But now I miss you

Yes I miss you now you're gone

Every Sunday we would laugh a lot

Making love and breakfast in bed

You were grumpy when you had to get up

I would have to toss a coin

To see who'd make the bed

I remember when you

Broke my favourite tea cup

You'd just smile that silly smile

It made me upset

We use to fight a lot but

What a time we had

And when I think about those days

They're not so bad

'Cause now I miss you

Yes I miss you

I'll always miss you

Now you're gone

Miss You /

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