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3 The Hard Way

First verse

Salutes 2 action be tha latest enter-ree 4 illadel colonies da get da

cream like cherry jubalee - my steeze put cha at ease like

methamphetamines or like Tony Shakks "fan-na-cees" about his wallabess

slice fit-een yo meen Big East be comin' through ghetto magic plusa da

bullies back it what me now Buddah Blessed 4 I and I provide da

Greatest Natur-role pure as life that exit from Nah gent-ta-tillc

styles interna-sha-nile likde direct connects to internet verbal text

blossum like chia pets per-fect wit da mic devices Bahama-dee be tha'

nices bringin' nix rap thing 2 the light like osyrus - 4 tha' 9 pound

ex-ced-da-ra-saaloom 2 GangStarr and my nigga K-Sarrah

Second verse

Ha yo, I'm doing this for the cruuz claimin' that there better I'm

tickled, ya must be like Sanford on the ripple little by little, I

kick verses from the middle of my brain, the Riddler couldn't fuck wit

Kannon Riddles I remain the undisputed you should of known if you knew

it, Montell couldn't tell you how we do it and few get the chance to

even so the Kannon Dance wit da Kannon Band shit be slammin more than

Larry Nance and plus it's in me to give you more like Demi, I do easy

leave aardway to penny, as I display skillz for what it's worth sent

to this earth to stop the curse of wake lic's upon my turf, this is

the end like Armagedin your settin a bad example niggaz still using my

samples times ample ha yo swyft never said she was the baddest but I

kept it real, you niggaz frontin talkin bout you packin steel your

sportin a first all up in rectum by the central kid's sitting all up

in the bullie section

Third verse

Do you remember those you chase to forget back when ya ears was wet

and now ya pr

3 The Hard Way /

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