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Джоан Баэз Джоан БаэзАмериканская фолк-певица

Fifteen Month

The cats are sleeping here in the autumn sun

Your dog has flushed a deer ans hes on the run

And the cofee cup is cold

And the mornings feeling very old.

Fifteen month of time my mans been gone

The second winter now is coming on

And our fates could all be worse

But sometimes I still must curse my own.

And hello

I wish you well

Where you sleep

All in your cell

As for friends, I cant complain, theve been good to me.

The fires burning bright, theyve left wood for me.

And the roof has been repaired

And I thank them for the love theyve shared.

You see theres really nothing wrong, Ive just got the blues

Cuz if you give a damn youre going to pay some dues

But if you see the game were in

Like I do, you know in time well win.

And hello

I wish you well

Where you sleep

All in your cell.

So time give me a break of a week or more

My head is reeling and my back is sore

And the baby cries for me

And I think Ill walk by the sea alone.

Joan Baez

Copyright 1979 by Chandos Music

ASCAP 4:30

Джоан Баэз

Fifteen Month / Джоан Баэз

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