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The Little Pond


I was dreaming of tommorow, I was lying in grass

When Slimy came towards me

He got out and smiled

The sun is shining, it is shining all on to me

And the breeze from my body as i talk to You-ooh

I think that i love you

The rivers run swiftly, the sky is blue

The clouds have died gently, over the dew

Will you tell me how to remember the things i dont know

The summer is here now, the winter's let go-oh-oh

The time has come for me to say.

That i've never been happier than today

Maybe you could stay

We could watch the stars,

Will they go away, oh, man, it's ok.

We could get up in the morning, with the sun-rise

When the sun's above us, we can close our eyes

We can swim in the river with the joke flies.

When the day is over, it's just the night-i-ight, it'll be alright

We can look at the mountains, from the big hill

Where the wind sweeps around us, and blows through your hair.

We can follow the stream, to the old mill.

We can look into the orchard, from the windowsi-ll-ll.

The smile from god will be good.

As they always knew it would,

End up in this way

I saw you coming here for a day, Oh man, it's ok.

And the birds fly, and the birds fly, around the grand bird house.

And the fishes swim, and the fishes swim, around the little pond.

And me and her, we are like them. We are half way on top of the world.

So the birds fly, and the fishes swim. We are small, but we are free

It's near the end of summer, we had some year

The bees come near me, will not appear.

As the winter's falling we will go off home.

Life will be so happy, if only you could know-oh-oh,

It's now time to let go.

And we must all go home.

We can't face the winter falls.

We're cold, didn't the summer fly, it'll be ok.


The Little Pond / Ash

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