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Silence And Distancec

Been here for so long

On the morrow I'll dare

Silent and distant

Reaching out, unaware

Stealing the whispers

From my deepest request

And you watch me

Waiting for something new

My hands, as empty

As my body and soul

Could keep pretending

But in the heart I'd be gone...

Still stare at my face

But lost seem your eyes

Keep hold of the sails

Against the blue sky

Ooh, I'm intending

A way back to the sea

This emptiness burns inside

And leads on for endless miles

Don't let me go

Away across the sea,

It may be much more wide

Than what it seems to be

Ooh, I'm still searching

The way back to be freed

The loneliness hangs around us

However we can't see

Now let me go

Away across the sea,

The waves can't be as high

As they pretend to be

And now I know

In my heart, I won't forget

The sails against the blue sky

That taught me how to live

... with no sorrow

And tomorrow we'll share

Silence and distance

'till our faults are repaired

You'll be the mistress

Who I'll never forget.


Silence And Distancec / Angra

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