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Petrified Eyes

We're armed and ready to attack

To strike the city of all desires

Then calm the waves that lead to passion

When all reality turns back to ashes

Over the hills, across the sea

Into the abyss of a bygone time

Lest we forget what really matters

And the bewildered look up to the sky

Fallen comrades lay on the ground

Victors in death they make no sound

Petrify my eyes

Behold the sights of battle lost

In this unchanging world

What does the poor life of a warrior cost?

Oh can't you see

Many faces from God's own races are waiting

To fight the good fight

Even thought the animals of time have passed you by you still don't see

Oh, you won't see

They've petrified your eyes

Deep desires of mine

Dark thoughts tirannize my mind

When will this torture end

Into the mire, to battle again


Petrified Eyes / Angra

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