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Bleeding Heart

[Music: Edu Falaschi / Lyrics: Rafael Bittencourt]

Now I know that the end comes

You knew since the beginning

Didn't want to believe it's true

You are alone again

My soul will be with you

Why's the clock even running

If my world isn't turning

Hear your voice in the doorway wind

You are alone again

I'm only waiting

You tear into pieces my heart

Before you leave with no repentance

I cried to you, my tears turn into blood

I'm ready to surrender

You say that I take it too hard

And all I ask is comprehension

Bring back to you a piece of my broken heart

I'm ready to surrender

I remember the moments

Life was short for the romance

Like a rose it will fade away

I'm leaving everything

No regrets, war is over

The return of a soldier

Put my hands on my bleeding heart

I'm leaving all behind

No longer waiting

I've waited for so long!


Bleeding Heart / Angra

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