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Josephs Coat (The Coat Of Many Colors)


Joseph's mother, she was quite my favorite wife

I never really loved another all my life

And Joseph was my joy because

He reminded me of her




Through young Joseph, Jacob lived his youth again

Loved him, praised him, gave him all he could, but then

It made the rest feel second best

And even if they were --


Being told were also-rans

Does not make us Joseph fans


But where they have really missed the boat is


We're great guys but no-one seems to notice

Joseph's charm and winning smiles

Fail to slay us in the aisles


And their father couldn't see the danger

He could not imagine any danger

He just saw in Joseph all his dreams come true

Jacob wanted to show the world he loved his son

To make it clear that Joseph was the special one

So Jacob bought his son a coat

A multi-colored coat to wear


Joseph's coat was elegant, the cut was fine

The tasteful style was the ultimate in good design

And this is why it caught the eye

A king would stop and stare


When I got to try it on

I knew my sheepskin days were gone


Such a dazzling coat of many colors


How he loved his coat of many colors

In a class above the rest

It even went well with his vest


Such a stunning coat of many colors

How he loved his coat of many colors

It was red and yellow and green and brown and blue

Joseph's brothers weren't too pleased with what

Josephs Coat (The Coat Of Many Colors) /

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