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Андреас  Джонсон Андреас Джонсонпоп-рок исполнитель


Waiting for a sign,

a touch of your grace

To carry me home, under these waves

Im slipping

Crying like a child for the day to begin,

to follow your breeze,

hunted by your skin

Im slipping

So please do me right woman

Cause Im hanging by a thread,

far from divine

Wish I could flourish and speed up the time

Im slipping Im sliding down

So please do me right woman

Just please do me right woman,

do me right woman enter my space

Fragile and pure I will follow your pace

Just do me right woman.. please

Ive taken all your wisdom,

but my plate is not filled

my spirit is not calm,

my soul yet to be thrilled

And my heart has not got enough

Im still slipping

So please do me right woman

Please do me right woman

Just do me right now

Андреас Джонсон

Please / Андреас Джонсон

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