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Radar Instrumental

Sharkey's Night

Sun's going down

Like a big bald head

Disappearing behind the boulevard.

It's Sharkey's night.

It's Sharkey's night tonight.

And the manager says:

Sharkey? He's not at his desk right now

Could I take a message?

Hey Kemosabe!

Long time no see

Hey Sport -

You connect the dots!

You pick up the pieces!

Well I drove down to Big D.C.

And I walked into Room 1003

And there they were

The Big Boys.

And they were talking

Big B

Little O

Little M

Silent B

They were saying:

Let's teach those robots how to play hardball.

Let's teach those little fellas a little gratitude.


What's that big noise from the sky?

Sounds like thunder -


Sounds like the Fourth of July -

Nope...Wrong again.

You know? It's just those angels walking

They're clomping around again

Wearing those big clumsy shoes

We got for them.

Well deep

In the heart

Of darkest America

Home of the Brave

Well HA



You've already paid

For this

Listen to my heart


Лаура Андерсон

Radar Instrumental / Лаура Андерсон

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