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Pressure Point

I have seen the trouble brewing

Seems the final curtain

Isn't very far away

After all we've all been waiting

For a testimony all abput

The Judgement day --

'Cept for reasons known for certain

How Judicial Judgement

Could foresee the final blow

All I know it's getting closer

Half expected I have waited

Now I fell I've really got to go

Soon the colours will be flying

Marching off to glory we become

A festive game

All in all a magic person

Pulling up the curtain

On the very Judegement day

Poison pressures what I'm saying

Will the spoils be war

Reaching the everlasting way

Born to listen to the cheering

Gee he knows just how you want to drive

Riding high fingers to the sky

Reaching out we spend our very day

giving it away, giving it away

Master did you hear children sing

Sounds just like they heard the real thing

Master did you make some other plan

Lets go sub-divide hand in hand

Let it be good

Let it be real good

Brother Sister

Give it a reason

A reason for loving

Reason for wanting

Let it be good

Let it be good

good good

Gotta be good

good good

Let it be good




Джон Рой Андерсон

Pressure Point / Джон Рой Андерсон

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