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Иан Андерсон Иан АндерсонЛидер группы Jethro Tull

End Game

I'm slipping into grey.

And I was (in my way) good to you.

And you were good for me.

Bye Bye my love.

Going to play the End Game.

It's growing kind of still.

You know there always will be a dream

waiting for you when

sleep comes around.

I had to play the End Game.

Bless us all. I must say

it was good, you know.

Keep me in mind for

a re-match in warm snow.

The faces at the door

couldn't have looked more lost to see

me waving as I brush

away a tear.

Gone to play the End Game

Иан Андерсон

End Game / Иан Андерсон

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