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Half Of What

The shape of your head is a twist of the truth,

The skulls on these walls, are they connected to you?

The stars are like eyes climbing out of a mist,

The temperatures rise like an easter morning sun,

Its not something you learn its just something you do,

And sometimes I wonder whether my other half is you.

Cause I am only half, of what I am,

And half of that is what, I can do,

Where the rest is, I don't know,

And I'm not sure if I really wanna know.

Back on my own, it took me this long,

To scale to the top of this (grassy/misty) mountain side you're on,

But now I can see where its all been leading to,

The skulls on these walls, how they're connected to you,

Walking with you down a slippery slope, and you said,

"If I was the sun, you'd be the world I'd shine onto."

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