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Headless Clay Woman

Under amillion scattered stars

>From rippled earth that's cracked and sleeping

Under the frozen static stars

The headless clay woman's

Shimmering body stands

And the frost that locks her nakedness

Melts away

Through air that's crystal black ink shadows

As sharp as the thickest thorn and the ice

She moves painless, slow and flowing

Across the wild and trembling path

And the headless clay woman's

Motionless beauty shines

Restless stars reflect in wet red streams

Across her back

Her bare feet step over the split stones

Past the water pump and the pail

Round and round the paint flaking empty house

And past the glass warped window

And the headless clay woman

She stands half up and half down the stairs

She cannot see the bottom

And she cannot see the top

A million stars are shining

A million stars...

As she lies back down

In the frozen warped world

Headless Clay Woman /

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