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And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled

Perish, thy presence is no longer

Feeble energy buried by time, by evolution, by man and mind...

Children of the Beast, Offspring of Hell

Time has come to reap, to triumph

Reap the souls of fools, marked by light

Rejoice in eternal power and eternal sin

Manifest thyself, scorch the land

Scorn the heavens, turned to sand

Stain the ground with sacred blood

Burn their thrones, the end of god

Bleed and cry, thou feeble lord

Blood of thine shall wet my sword

Burn and bleed, thou feeble whore

Burn and bleed, forever more

I am He, who shun the light

Born with sin, to walk by night

Born with sin, born with might

For I am He, who shun the light

Perish, thou of light and purity

Thy presence is no longer

The strength of thine, forever gone

Blessed are we, the Devil's sons

Blessed with fire, born with might

Born with sin, to rule the night

For we are those who shun the light...

I shall drive the stake of sin through the heart of this world...

... leave eternal scars in the weavings of light...

Ancient Wisdom

And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled / Ancient Wisdom

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