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Quest For Blood (Le Vampire)

Toi, qui comme un coup de couteau

Dans mon coeur plaintif est entree

Toi, qui fort comme un troupeau

De demons, vins, folle et paree

To make out of my humiliated spirit

Your bed and your domain

Honourless crook to whom

I am connected like a slave to his

Chain, like a stubborn player to the

Game, like a drunk to the bottle,

Like a maggot to the corpse

Maudite! Maudite soit-tu!

I have prayed the rapid sword

To conquer my freedom

Helas! The poison and the sword

Took me with despise and told me:

'You are not worthy,

You are not worthy!

To be liberated of your slavery!!!

If our efforts would free thee

Your kisses would awake

The remains of your vampire within

Your vampire within!!!'

Maudite! Maudite!...

Ancient Rites

Quest For Blood (Le Vampire) / Ancient Rites

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