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 Ancient Ceremony Ancient Ceremonyблэк-металл

Under Astral Tyranny

Cosmic Chaos designs another Birth

of the Luciferian Principle

Spawn of Venus in Attack

Thou art to the World a raging Storm

Aeons end, Aeons begin

He is the One to call

Mountains drown and Churches fall

in Earthquake and Deluge

Chained in a Thousand dustfilled Clouds

Sun no longer dares to rise

A World in Darkness drenched

and Silence haunts all Lands...

When the Stars are in their Constellation right

it's Time to pay Tribute to his Might

The Astral Tyranny

Earth now is a Widow veiled in Black

weeping at Her own Grave

Side by Side with Death

Widely opened are Gehenna's Gates

like a Virus from Ereschkigal

Myriads of Dead do march

as Army bringing Pain

Jehova see Thy Children fall!

When Stars in Fear do stop their Dance

Not far ahead is that bloody Romance

The Oracle-Goddess preached

as Astral Tyranny

On this bleeding Planet I raise Centuries of Wrath!

My Time - now it is near

This Widow it may take my Hand

When as Messenger of the golden Dawn I ascend

This Principle - it's me!

Ancient Ceremony

Under Astral Tyranny / Ancient Ceremony

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