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Set The Stage

Bricks show through white textured walls

Screaming their story with such empty hospital feel

So dull

Unforgiving floor

Back down and face up

Movement across ceilings

Strips of fluorescent lights

"So is this bringing back memories?

Or are we too much for you?"

Echoes from corners yet to be felt through

Dazed and vision hazing

Sedated no more struggling

Ties thrown across chest and forehead forced back

Towards the walls meeting in shadows air

Air hanging thick with calm marked in movement of fingertips

The stage is set to pour it out and fall out

Terrifying serenity

Wondering which one of us will fall first

Shuddering shivering as the pressure lingers

Break thumbs force hands through these ties

But did you miss the connections?

Haven't been here before?

They won't be gone long

Skin will hold the bones together

Crawl down the air duct cinctured aluminum cell

This claustrophobic escape in grasping desperation

Powers down engines wake the shores

Set The Stage /

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