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On To Morning Stars

We flail on to morning stars

We'll offer all of ourselves just not to close our eyes

Seize onto the sun as it rises in the east

Ascend to open doors hanging heavenly

Suspended in the superlunary even broken you'll be back to still stand

I'll shatter the silence to tell you we won't last long

If this canopy crashes down, crushing us

That's the only way to break this apart

And although the moon is falling down on us

Don't expect this day to end

Do you see that star?

Well, I'll meet you there

When you read this you'll be well on your way

Please write soon, so I know that you have gotten home safe

And please don't forget me

How I worked hearts molded in mache to some mended way of beating before we behold them break and both

Painting pictures that will never fade still they crack

Clutched at the crushing in our chests dizzy we'll see stars dazzle like glass shards sparkle shatter

(The violence in destroyed frames)

And if the sheltering sky will slip to sever us

We'll receive it

We will reap it

Always remember

On To Morning Stars /

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