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Last Transmission

So this is my last transmission the words that will soon fall to dust no I wont be home on this day and in these fists was held questions unanswered and its killing me chamber clicks pin breaks the shell kiss of black on our lips lungs breaking so cave in dont forget these words spoken in sequence wont be our last plain wrapped brown package (placed in our arms) tied up with string explodes while scanning horizon feel skin get numb as begins the fall all waking up on the day before we were handed the open book when hands fell from mid face to block our eyes from seeing more fingers make a picket fence holding what we know fading slowly from our eyes to white lights this was all climbing up the misplaced spires in our hopes they would find us wait it out drop the satellites for just tonight give it up

<font size=1>Thanks to <b>Seanfat</b> for these lyrics</font>

Last Transmission /

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