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Re Connect

The fragments of connection died

Some things just won't fade with time

Hide behind a transparent eye

You can't see me but I can you...

Betray withouta moment's thought

Regret nothing but getting caught

Your time has come and here I stand

Why should I hold out my hand to you...

I could never turn to you

Silenced by that look in your eye

Feel I'm slipping back again

Black cold night I toss and turn I'm sinking, feel so ...drained

Shroud me, blind me sick, week, empty, drag me ...into pain

I tried so hard, don't drown me, bound to me, self indulgently ...crazed

Black as coal, my sunken soul, will it ever be ...saved?

Come on and twist that knife again

Well I'd like to see you fucking try

Never going back again

An anwer won't come from me

Confront your own worst enemy

What does your mirror see

Is it time to face up to me


Re Connect / Anathema

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