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 Анастейша Анастейшаамериканская поп-певица

Black Roses

Verse 1:

Tell you a story

Of a love I left behind

It was a broken fairytale

I gave up all my pride

Let love inside

But it tore me apart

When you played with my heart

Let me paint a picture

Of a cold and rainy night

As the candles fade to black

I played our favorite song

"Til the needle was gone

I've taken all I can

You played your last hand

Black roses and a bottle of wine

Those were the only things that I left behind

Keep searchin' cause it's so hard to find

All you've got, are the tears, that ya cry

Black roses and wine

Sorry situation

When your castle's made out of sand

And it washes out to sea

I pushed your love aside

Cried my last cry

My soul is in bloom

Like flowers in June

You don't miss your water

'Til your well runs dry

You don't miss your good thing

'Til it passes you by

Like a bird in the sky

Spread your wings and fly


Black Roses / Анастейша

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