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a F d

As the sky turns black, the earth sleeps in peace,

a F d

roaming the clouds, in search of the sacred place,

a F d

spirits soar higher, to a land where they are King,

a F d

mortal shells left with you within-shadows they dwell


G a G D e G a

Take me far away-deep within a dream within a dream

There I can be free, from lifes misery,

blood rushes through my veins, I can feel exhilaration,

the freedom of my mind, can take me far beyond,

there clearly seen, lifes unreality, Sanctuary

Each night I await the call, of my silent quest,

to run through the wind, alive in the darkness,

as the dawn gets closer, I shall return,

to live amongst mortels, for a nightfall I yearn

Dream /

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